Which OSI layer does iSCSI operate at?

Table showing OSI layers

In my last post about SSD storage, I introduced you to my friend Dave. Dave is getting into data hoarding with aggression and he keeps asking me questions about storage. He called me last week and asked “what layer is iSCSI?“. I was a little thrown at first but after some probing, I was able … Read more

What does 128GB SSD mean?


Today’s post is a bit unusual and possibly not of much interest to fellow data-hoarders. It comes in response to a question I was recently asked by an aspiring data-hoarder however and I thought it important to address. A few months ago a friend (we’ll call him “Dave”, because, well, that’s his name) was admiring … Read more

Can you use Rclone with BT Cloud?

I recently changed my broadband ISP and decided to switch to BT Fibre. I’ve had fibre from BT in the past (back when it was called BT Infinity) and although their support can be poor, I knew that once the service is up and running, it’s fast and reliable. One perk for me was that … Read more

How reliable are flash drives for backup?

Reliable flash drive

If you’ve been hoarding data for any amount of time, you’ll probably already have a pretty sophisticated backup system in place. I’ve lost data in the past and I can’t stress enough how important it is to backup your data. Whilst a true 3-2-1 backup solution is recommended, if you’re just starting out, however, anything … Read more

How to destroy a hard drive with bleach

Bleaching a hard drive

As a datahoarder I am constantly buying new hard drives and consolidating the contents of old ones. I personally wipe the old drives in software and then donate them to a local charity for them to sell. I’ve noticed in the datahoarding community that a lot of people are in the same position and seek … Read more

How to download VLive videos – A guide

A VLive video playing

The increasing popularity of the VLive video streaming website has led to a number of users searching for ways to download videos from it. Perhaps you’ve found a channel that you love and you want to archive its contents just in case, for some reason, it disappears? While there are a number of websites offering … Read more

WD Easystore vs Elements – What’s the difference

Man confused by Easystore and Elements

If you’re in the market for some additional cheap data storage, you’ve probably heard the names Easystore and Elements. These names refer to two popular and well-respected product lines from the company Western Digital (WD). They are often similarly priced and look almost identical, so you may well be wondering what their differences are and … Read more

Is JDownloader Safe?

Downloading JDownloader2

If you’ve ever tried to download or install JDownloader (aka JDownloader2), you may have been surprised to find that either the download was blocked by your Web browser, or that the installation file was quarantined by your Anti-Virus software. In fact, this is exactly what happened to me and it made me worry that the … Read more