Lossless conversion from JPG to JXL

Converting JPEG to JPEG XL

Contents1 Introduction2 What is JPEG XL (JXL)?3 Why JPEG XL over AVIF or WebP or HEIC?4 Finding the best software for converting the images from JPEG to JPEG XL5 Using libjxl to convert (transcode) JPEG to JPEG XL6 Converting JPEG XL back to legacy JPEG7 Batch conversion of JPG to JXL with libjxl8 Summary (tl;dr) … Read more

Deploying Windows Server 2022 on Proxmox

Proxmox Server 2022

Contents1 Introduction2 Choosing between Windows Server 2022 ISO and VHD3 Downloading the VHD or ISO directly to the Proxmox host3.1 Step 13.2 Step 23.3 Step 33.4 Step 43.5 Step 53.6 Step 63.7 Step 74 Creating a new VM ready for Windows Server 20225 Converting the VHD for use in Proxmox6 Importing the disk image into … Read more

How to stop your hard disk drive from running constantly

Hard Drive Running

Contents1 Introduction2 Why does a hard drive run constantly?3 Hard drive power saving3.1 Enabling hard drive power saving on Windows3.1.1 Step 13.1.2 Step 23.1.3 Step 33.1.4 Step 43.1.5 Step 54 Hard drive not spinning down when idle?4.1 How to check hard drive activity with Resource Monitor4.1.1 Step 14.1.2 Step 24.1.3 Step 34.1.4 Step 44.1.5 Step … Read more

Creating a Debian VM on Oracle Cloud Free Tier

Debian on Oracle

Contents1 Introduction2 Debian2.1 Installing Debian on a new Oracle Cloud VM2.1.1 Download Debian “Generic cloud” image2.1.2 Upload the Debian image to Oracle Cloud2.1.3 Create a new storage bucket2.1.4 Import Debian as a custom image2.1.5 Create a new VM instance on OCI2.1.6 Connect to your new Debian OCI VM instance over SSH2.1.7 Update your Debian OCI … Read more

Yandex Disk Cloud Storage FAQ

Yandex Cloud

For the past few weeks, I’ve been using Yandex Disk, alongside more well-known cloud storage providers such as Google Drive and Mega. I was drawn to Yandex Disk by its competitive pricing and performance and was keen to test it firsthand. I was curious to see how it compared to its rivals and whether or … Read more

Choosing a RAID level for redundancy over performance

RAID Redundancy vs Performance

Contents1 Introduction2 RAID 6 for redundancy2.1 Advantages2.2 Disadvantages2.3 Use cases2.3.1 A Webserver2.3.2 Data-hoarding / Archiving2.4 RAID 6 real-world example3 RAID 53.1 Reasons multiple disks fail in a RAID 5 array3.1.1 Similar ages and power-on hours of disks in the array3.1.2 Increased stress when rebuilding the array3.1.3 High capacity / large disks3.2 Advantages3.3 Disadvantages3.4 Use Cases3.5 … Read more

Hard Drive Colors Explained: WD, Seagate, Toshiba

Hard Drive Colors

Contents1 Introduction2 Manufacturer’s use of hard drive colors2.1 Western Digital (WD)2.1.1 Green2.1.2 Blue2.1.3 Purple2.1.4 Red2.1.4.1 Red (Standard) Red Plus2.1.4.3 Red Pro2.1.5 Black2.1.6 Gold2.1.7 White / Ultrastar2.2 Seagate2.2.1 Green: Barracuda2.2.2 Red: Ironwolf2.2.3 Orange: Firecuda2.2.4 Blue: Skyhawk2.3 Toshiba2.3.1 Red2.3.2 Gold2.3.3 Silver2.3.4 Green2.3.5 Blue2.4 Summary Introduction If you’re in the market for a new hard drive (for data-hoarding … Read more

Hard drive too hot? – Causes and solutions

HDD Too Hot

If you’ve ever touched a hard drive (either internal or external) after it’s been running for some time, you’ve probably noticed that it’s quite warm. Being a mechanical component, we would expect a hard drive to generate some heat during normal operation. Like most computer components, however, the hard drive is susceptible to damage should … Read more

What to do after installing a new hard drive

Contents1 Introduction2 Overview3 Windows3.1 Confirm that the new hard drive isn’t showing3.2 Open “This PC”3.3 Check that the drive isn’t listed3.4 Launching Disk Management3.5 Rescan Disks3.6 Initialize the new disk3.7 Create a new volume4 Linux4.1 Getting the ID of the new disk with lsblk4.2 Partitioning the new disk with cfdisk4.3 Formatting the new partition with … Read more