Installing Pi-Hole inside a Proxmox LXC Container

Pi-Hole on LXC on Proxmox

I recently moved my hoard of data from various NAS devices to a consolidated VM running TrueNAS. After some research, I decided to use Proxmox as the host OS. Aside from it being open-source, it has several features I like the look of, including native support for Linux Containers (LXC). I’ve decided that the first … Read more

UK Info Disk – A nostalgic adventure

UK Info Disk v1.0

As a digital datahoarder, I tend not to throw away any old software whether it be on CD, DVD, or anything else. Last week I was moving some old boxes around whilst decorating and I caught glance of a CD-ROM that I’d completely forgotten about in one of them. The CD-ROM looked really old-school, but … Read more

Which OSI layer does iSCSI operate at?

Table showing OSI layers

In my last post about SSD storage, I introduced you to my friend Dave. Dave is getting into data hoarding with aggression and he keeps asking me questions about storage. He called me last week and asked “what layer is iSCSI?“. I was a little thrown at first but after some probing, I was able … Read more