How to store hard drives safely

Hard Drive Storage Solution

As you may imagine, as a data-hoarder, I’ve owned dozens, if not hundreds of hard drives over the years. Each time one of my hard drives reaches capacity, its contents are copied to a new drive, and the old drive is removed from the computer. I’ve mentioned in the past that I don’t like to … Read more

What does 128GB SSD mean?


Today’s post is a bit unusual and possibly not of much interest to fellow data-hoarders. It comes in response to a question I was recently asked by an aspiring data-hoarder however and I thought it important to address. A few months ago a friend (we’ll call him “Dave”, because, well, that’s his name) was admiring … Read more

How reliable are flash drives for backup?

Reliable flash drive

If you’ve been hoarding data for any amount of time, you’ll probably already have a pretty sophisticated backup system in place. I’ve lost data in the past and I can’t stress enough how important it is to backup your data. Whilst a true 3-2-1 backup solution is recommended, if you’re just starting out, however, anything … Read more