Lossless conversion from JPG to JXL

Converting JPEG to JPEG XL

Introduction I’ve been a keen photographer for a number of years. Not professionally, of course. I mainly just enjoy taking holiday snaps and the odd luxury vehicle at car shows and the like. As you might imagine, being a digital hoarder has resulted in me having many thousands of photos stored on my various computer … Read more

Choosing a RAID level for redundancy over performance

RAID Redundancy vs Performance

Introduction When configuring a new storage setup, system administrators around the globe face the same dilemma: which RAID level to choose. Like with most things in life, it’s a compromise, a trade-off if you will. We need to balance performance and redundancy, keeping in mind that losing raw capacity will result in increased costs. Digital … Read more

Hard Drive Alternatives – The Complete Guide

HDD Alternatives

Introduction If you’ve spent any time browsing the various forums or subreddits dedicated to data-hoarding, you’ve likely seen this common question being asked: “What are the best hard drive alternatives?”. This is often asked by newbie or aspiring data-hoarders and unfortunately, the question isn’t often satisfactorily answered. In fact, some people responding to this question … Read more

Hard disk storage capacity list

List of HDD capacities

Introduction I’ve been regularly buying hard disk drives for the best part of three decades. Over this time, the capacities have increased tremendously. It’s sometimes difficult to appreciate just how much hard disk capacities have increased over this time. Whilst many data-hoarders are well aware of current drive capacities, there’s still some confusion from the … Read more