Lossless conversion from JPG to JXL

Converting JPEG to JPEG XL

Contents1 Introduction2 What is JPEG XL (JXL)?3 Why JPEG XL over AVIF or WebP or HEIC?4 Finding the best software for converting the images from JPEG to JPEG XL5 Using libjxl to convert (transcode) JPEG to JPEG XL6 Converting JPEG XL back to legacy JPEG7 Batch conversion of JPG to JXL with libjxl8 Summary (tl;dr) … Read more

Deploying Windows Server 2022 on Proxmox

Proxmox Server 2022

Contents1 Introduction2 Choosing between Windows Server 2022 ISO and VHD3 Downloading the VHD or ISO directly to the Proxmox host3.1 Step 13.2 Step 23.3 Step 33.4 Step 43.5 Step 53.6 Step 63.7 Step 74 Creating a new VM ready for Windows Server 20225 Converting the VHD for use in Proxmox6 Importing the disk image into … Read more

Moving from Spotify to a self-hosted music streaming server

Self-hosted Spotify alternative

Introduction Hi, fellow datahoarders. I’ve recently decided that I’m going to cancel my Spotify subscription and move to a self-hosted music streaming solution. This isn’t going to happen overnight, I love my music so I need to prove my self-hosted solution is 100% capable before I cancel my Spotify subscription. To be completely honest, I … Read more

Installing Pi-Hole inside a Proxmox LXC Container

Pi-Hole on LXC on Proxmox

I recently moved my hoard of data from various NAS devices to a consolidated VM running TrueNAS. After some research, I decided to use Proxmox as the host OS. Aside from it being open-source, it has several features I like the look of, including native support for Linux Containers (LXC). I’ve decided that the first … Read more

How to destroy a hard drive with bleach

Bleaching a hard drive

As a datahoarder I am constantly buying new hard drives and consolidating the contents of old ones. I personally wipe the old drives in software and then donate them to a local charity for them to sell. I’ve noticed in the datahoarding community that a lot of people are in the same position and seek … Read more

Is JDownloader Safe?

Downloading JDownloader2

If you’ve ever tried to download or install JDownloader (aka JDownloader2), you may have been surprised to find that either the download was blocked by your Web browser, or that the installation file was quarantined by your Anti-Virus software. In fact, this is exactly what happened to me and it made me worry that the … Read more